Top 10 Gaming News Sites

Video games continue to take over the world in ways we never could have imagined. Where do you go when you need to know the latest gaming news? These are the top 10 gaming news sites you should check out for coverage about your favorite games.

Best Movie Review Website: Rotten Tomatoes

It’s the middle of summer. That means that Hollywood movie makers are doing their best to get you to go to the movies. You see movie trailer after movie trailer on the television and all throughout your social media feeds. You finally decide that you want to venture out to the theater to...

Best Online Word Processor: Google Docs

If you’re looking for the best online word processor, look no further than Google Docs. In the past when using a word processor to create a document you had a huge choice of processors. By huge, I mean Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word. And don’t even talk about when and where you co...