8 Interesting Websites to Learn Something New

Although the Internet is largest source of information out there, what you’ll find is not always helpful for learning. Some websites are designed to waste your time while others are only after your money. The 8 websites we list make learning a vital part of their purpose and we hope you’ll benefit from visiting them. These are some of the most interesting websites to learn something new. https://thebestsites.com/list/interesting-websites-to-learn-something-new/

Store and Share Your Files from Anywhere with OneDrive

There are multiple websites that allow users to store their files securely on the cloud so that only they or people they choose can access them. Microsoft OneDrive lets anyone upload their own files and then share them with friends, family, or other people. You can store practically anything on... https://thebestsites.com/website/share-your-files-from-anywhere/

Peruse Company Information with CrunchBase

CrunchBase is all about companies and information about those companies. You can search for companies, but also look up investors, people, and relevant events. There is a news section with updates on all aspects of popular companies, including which products they are releasing or updating. Like... https://thebestsites.com/website/peruse-company-information/

Grow Your Website and Check Your Rank on Alexa

Alexa provides a whole host of tools that help website owners gauge how well their sites are doing. They provide tips on improving SEO, PPC, and ideas on how to grow your website traffic in the long run. One of Alexa’s most well-known features is its ability to rank websites based on their... https://thebestsites.com/website/check-your-rank/

Get All the Latest Dance Tracks on Beatport

The number one source for any DJ to find and purchase full mixes of popular and less known tracks, Beatport also includes stems and sounds for purchase as packs. Songs on Beatport are more expensive than other websites due to their exclusivity. You’ll find thousands of songs here you... https://thebestsites.com/website/get-latest-dance-tracks-beatport/

Take Part in Video Conferences Over the Cloud with Zoom

With Skype and Google Hangouts dominating most of the video chat market, do we really need another website that does basically the same thing? Zoom is unique in its business focus and ability to include 100 people in one video chat session. You can use the service for free, but the... https://thebestsites.com/website/video-conferences-over-the-cloud/

Watch a Movie a Day for a Month for $10 with MoviePass

We all love going to the theater, but with prices rising continually, it’s become really expensive if you want to see every latest release. MoviePass lets customers pay only $10 a month to see any movie in theaters that month. They can watch a movie a day, every single day, until the... https://thebestsites.com/website/watch-movie-day-month-10-moviepass/