Glassdoor: Best Website for Salary Information

Glassdoor provides salary information that is sortable by company, location, and job title. On top of that, they offer company reviews, a job board, and even interview information such as previously asked interview questions.

Best Movie Review Website: Rotten Tomatoes

It’s the middle of summer. That means that Hollywood movie makers are doing their best to get you to go to the movies. You see movie trailer after movie trailer on the television and all throughout your social media feeds. You finally decide that you want to venture out to the theater to...

Best Site for Cheap Computer Parts: Newegg

Newegg is an electronics retailer that is dedicated to providing cheap computer parts and consumer electronics. The website is featured on MakeUseOf’s editorial titled The Best Websites On The Internet. At Newegg, you can find products ranging from drones to laptops to motherboards. The... is Cheaper Than Amazon

Jet is a multi-billion dollar start up with Amazon in their crosshairs. They have been generating a lot of buzz because they offer better pricing than Amazon.