Head to Google Hangouts to Video or Voice Chat

We already use Google as our default search engine, Google Docs as our go-to word processor, and Google Drive to store our files and documents. Why not cave in and use Google Hangouts for our video calls? In addition to video calls, Google Hangouts lets users send text messages, attach photos,... https://thebestsites.com/website/head-google-hangouts-video-voice-chat/

8 Cool Websites for Video Calls

Despite the recent shift to cell phone use, websites designed for making video calls are still going strong. There are a growing number of ways to chat on camera, whether it’s for work or catching up with friends. These are the 8 cool websites for video calls that you should check out. https://thebestsites.com/list/cool-websites-for-video-calls/

Collaborate on Projects Through Trello

It can become impossible to manage certain projects if they aren’t contained properly. Trello makes sure you keep your project under control, no matter how big it becomes. If you own a large business or have a lot of people on your team, then you might want to look into the premium... https://thebestsites.com/website/collaborate-on-projects/

Buy and Stream Music Directly from Artists on Bandcamp

Bandcamp lets fans buy, stream, and download music from their favorite artists while directly supporting them. Some artists will let you pay what you want for an album or song, which leads some fans to pay extra to further support artists. Users can follow artists, message them, or leave... https://thebestsites.com/website/buy-and-stream-music-directly/

Laugh Your Face Off with CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor has a wide range of topics that they cover in the forms of articles, comics, and videos. They have lists and features on movies and music, for example, as well as a shop where you can buy their merchandise. CollegeHumor is most known for is its original videos, some of the series... https://thebestsites.com/website/laugh-your-face-off/

Help Improve the Internet Anonymously with Smart Panel

Smart Panel is run by Verto Analytics, who seek to improve the way that the Internet is being used by the world. By signing up, you agree to share your Internet browsing information with Verto Analytics. In return, you receive cash rewards based on how long and how much you’ve been... https://thebestsites.com/website/help-improve-the-internet-anonymously/

DeviantArt Lets You Share Your Art with Other Artists

DeviantArt has become a gigantic community of both aspiring and professional artists. You’ll find paintings done by beginners and animation drawn by industry professionals on the same website. The website has a powerful set of tools for interacting with the community including, personal... https://thebestsites.com/website/share-your-art-with-other-artists/

8 Interesting Websites to Learn Something New

Although the Internet is largest source of information out there, what you’ll find is not always helpful for learning. Some websites are designed to waste your time while others are only after your money. The 8 websites we list make learning a vital part of their purpose and we hope you’ll benefit from visiting them. These are some of the most interesting websites to learn something new. https://thebestsites.com/list/interesting-websites-to-learn-something-new/